some of my work on display during Portraits Of The Little Girl exhibition at C&I Studios Fort Lauderdale

this body of work started as a study for the little girl. illustrating how she can change her appearance and make multiples of herself.

two swings I made during Marcus Blake’s exhibition A Swing Thing at The Social Lubricant

swings were created live during the evening by myself and various other artists. they were then hung in various locations throughout Wynwood

Tri County Cover

a cover design for Paul Mcenery’s comic Tri County. drawing mixed with digital coloring and collage.

this will be the cover for the first issue of Tri County and it will be my job to continually make the cover designs. Stay Tooned!


a sharpie drawing. depicting some of the main characters from the three stories

inspired in style and conception by the artwork of friend and fellow artist Paul Mcenery


a deity figure from my big book. she exists in an alternate dimension and comes when called or needed by the protagonists.

made using various drawing media including grease pencils.