jim and ana

a lithograph print from college

of my brother Jim and niece Ana



1/1 hand colored print from my college years.

the inside of an imaginary case.

Mosaic 1 Mosaic 2

made using the same process as Samurai With Two Birds. I took all the plates from my senior year cut them into pieces, overlapped and arranged them into these mosaic like prints. on asia paper. I wanted to repurpose these narrative pieces into something more conceptual and abstract. I see them as a visual index of the pieces I made during that year.

monochromatic and two color versions.

this was made in one press by cutting out the plates of the samurai and the two bird, I placed them on top of the mezzotint plate of the background bamboo forest then I pressed it using much less pressure to compensate for the extra thickness of the stacked plates.